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“The children loved it! We noticed a difference in the children for the afternoon, they became calm and collected for the rest of the day…

The children loved the postures as they were introduced in a fun and play based way. We would have you back in a heartbeat! I would highly recommend introducing sessions to your class”

– Camille Lee, Kindergarten Teacher – South Melbourne Mission Kindergarten

“Kaela is masterfully creative at taking the twists and turns of a children’s storybook narrative and animating them into the twists and turns of yoga poses….Imaginative and skilful play. For my son, it’s a beautiful Yin counterpart to his usual Yang energy.”

– Zanin, mother of Maverick (4yrs)

Kaela’s classes are incredible. My 4year old loves them and has attended her classes for an entire year from the age of 3. The classes are creative, fun, and, physical. Kaela asks children to explore their inner world of thoughts feelings, emotion and memories and turns their stories into a yoga journey. She teaches movement in a non competitive, safe and supportive environment… She is encouraging and playful and also creates safe boundaries for the children to respect. I love how she draws the shy children out of themselves and guides the exuberant children into calm focus. She engages children in the class so they participate with enthusiasm and curiosity. She asks them to be strong and also to be soft. To be loud and also quite. To look outside their bodies and to feel inside their bodies. She certainly teaches yoga with aplomb!
– Sophie Jeffries, mother of two and pilates instructor at Armature Pilates, Brunswick East